Fish stew

I make lots of different kinds of fish stew but I was very happy with the one tonight. I was planning a Greek dinner so I bought a few squid tubes and some peppers last night, but then wasn’t feeling all that well and cancelled the dinner. But we needed to eat so I arose to cook…

2 smallish leeks sliced and in the favourite copper skillet with  butter and salt, added 4 stalks of celery sliced up. And a good bit of herbs de provence. Added about 4 smallish potatoes sliced thin. Another happy use of the rotary slicer. When the potatoes were somewhat cooked I added more butter and a half head of garlic, chopped. Cooked that a bit and added the left over white wine… maybe 1/2 a cup or a bit more,

Then tomatoes. I had lots of frozen tomatoes from the garden in the freezer so added 8 or 10 small ones- just chuck them in frozen. You could use 4 normal fresh ones or a small can of whole tomatoes. Then a whole pepper sliced thin.

I let that cook for a bit while I prepped broccoli for steaming, and checked the basmati with saffron:) Well… I was hungry for something really good.

Chucked in a few sliced mushrooms, maybe 1/4 cup of water, and 3 nice filets of basa cut in cubes.

While that cooked ( 5 or 10 minutes) I cooked the squid in slices in olive oil, salt, basil and another clove of garlic. . 20 seconds.

Put the squid and some green onion on top of the stew, stirred it in, and ate it up, on the rice, brocoli beside. Yum.


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