The measure of a woman

Tricky business this measuring. I just don’t, at least not often with a device. Of course I measure with eye and hand and taste buds but I forget, and so every time it is new. But the ingredients are different every time; every potato tastes different, every cow has its own story.

If you’re reading this we should establish a few conventions. A teaspoon is a regular stir-your-coffee spoon, rounded on top. An ounce is a fluid ounce, 1/8 of a cup or 30 ml more or less.

Salt is the beautiful and delicious grey and moist sea salt from the north of France (mostly). I use occasionally cowichan sea salt for sprinkling on top of things, and the Glendora farm garlic and Himalayan salt sometimes. Salt matters

But measuring doesn’t, at least not with most things. So fear not, don’t try to make it taste the same every time, embrace the difference non-measuring gives you.

When it comes to chemistry… places where it does matter… I’ll try to be more precise. Wish me luck.


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